1/35 Trumpeter CH-47A

by Charles Johnson



My new CH-47A from Trumpeter took about 2 weeks to build out of the box apart from adding pilots and door gunner with 50 cal in door way.
General construction isn't too bad till you come to the engines which are a bit of a ? to assemble takes a little time and effort but can be done. Pilot figs where from an old MRC kit as well as the door gunner seat belts where made of duct tape added microphones to helmets and wire for leads same with the door gunner. added seats to the interior or the cabin these too were made of duct tape and tooth picks as the model doesn't come with nothing aft of the main cabin a bit of a disappointment you would have thought they would have given some thing to put in the cargo area.

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Painting the model was straight forward as per the instructions using the model master olive drab paint along with a coat of dull coat to tone it down then gloss spray varnish to apply decals and then a final coat of flat dull coat again to finally tone it back down. Other wise a nice kit a little bit on the expensive side but if its what you want you have to pay for it recommend it makes a nice model when finished.

Photos and text by Charles Johnson