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1/48 Historic Plastic Models MiG-19 S

by Armin Knes


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Here are some pictures of my "last" MiG.

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The MiG-19S was the second version of this plane. Many people say that this plane is in fact the best fighter ever built. The history of this transonic fighter starts in the 1950s, and did not end yet!!!!! The VVS does not flow many of them, but the Chinese air force had and have a big number of the J-6 in service, and developed this fighter to an excellent ground attacker, called A-5 and A-5 II (the A-5 is one of my next projects, from Trumpeter in 1/32!!).

This is my second MiG-19 S in 1/48...I also built the Trumpeter kit. The quality of the Trumpeter kit is in fact much better than the HPM-kit, but it was more fun to built the HPM-kit. The Trumpeter-kit I built straight out of the box, but the HPM-kit has to be modified: so I built the air intake new, I cut the flouwer-flaps to show them in working position, the guns needs a special treatment, the nozzles were not in the correct shape, the wheel bay also needs some treatment and I did some modifications in the cockpit.

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At least it`s a good kit for a professional like me ;-)


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Photos and text by  KNES Armin  AUSTRIA, Graz

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