1/48 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate

by Paul Hayes



Here is my Hasegawa Ki-84. The model was built out of the box with Aeromaster decals. This was an easy build. I used Polly Scale acrylics for the camouflage and Floquil silvers for the metallics. I did not use the drop tanks as I wanted my Frank to be different . The model represents a plane of the 13th Sentai in Thailand in 1945.

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The paint chipping was done by spraying the silver first. After letting it dry cover it with Micro Mask using a short bristle brush and a stabbing motion. You want irregular patterns. Spray your final color(s). After the paint dries, use tape to pull up the Micro Mask. It is so simple, even I could do it! Many thanks go out to our club here in Santo Domingo, ADME. Also to the many fine modelers here at ARC. You have no idea how much I have learned from this site!


Photos and text by Paul Hayes