1/72 Italeri MD-530F

Gunship conversion from OH-6A Cayuse

by  El Rey



Greetings from Mexico.The proyect of the MD-530 is very interesting, because the canopy. The kit is not usual in the market. This model won a golden medal in the first Model Show Latino Militaire. Celebrated in the Mexico city, the past May.
The conversion was very difficult for Me. I left the kit No. 28, only took both fuselages, 3 doorwindows, the skids and tail rotor, like original parts.
The parts of whole were scratchbuilt or modified.
The most important part is the canopy, this one was manufactured in vacuform (in P material). 
Designed  for Me, and joined with superglue. I utilized two kits to make the five blades for the main rotor.
The tail rudder was built with two L rudder of CAYUSE. 

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Small windows in the doors are plastic ribs, joined with superglue previously engraved. Antennas built of polystyrene, and the cowling modifications too.
Cable cutters are aluminium mounted in plastic base. 
Handles on doors made of plastic.
Exhaust is aluminium pipe. Instrument panel was modified according the real one.
The navigation lights are clear sprud painted in clear red of Guntze.


Rocket laucher is made from aluminium pipe, the covers are the kit. The machine gun pod is scratch (plastic and metal).  Ammunition magazine  scratch, with photoedched belt.

Supports and pylons are scratchbuilt 

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Painting and Marking

The model wears in Helo Drab overall. But the color doesn´t existin Guntze.  I mixed various colors, browns, greys, black and olive drab. The finished color is very similar to 34081. I coated with Floquil, crystal and Flat finish.
Decals by Aztec FAM (Mexican Air Force)
Weathering is Pactra acrylic washed, mixture of black, grey and brown. Some future was necessary for clear parts.
Tags are the same decals.

I hope that like you.

El Rey

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Photos and text © by El Rey