1/72 Italeri SU-33

by Tanel Kask


Greetings, this is my second submission to ARC. I have build this SU-33 some years ago, and publish on the web site http://www.dishmodels.ru/ . Lately I have done some supplements on the model, to make it more realistic.
I used "Italeri" SU-27D kit, photo etched sets from "Interavia", rubber tyres from "Equipage", decals from "Travers", landing, refuelling and navigation lights from "Elf". Also I used 3 volts SMD LED's from "Yetda" on the aircraft (12 pcs) and on the aircraft carrier deck.

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From "Italeri" kit 62 detail positions I used only 21 items (A-8,9,23,24,61,62 B-10,11,12,13,17,18,19,20,21,22,38,46,55 C-26,27). Some parts was taken from others kits, like nosecone from "Berkut", some landing gears doors and airbrake
from "Airfix" and some pylons from "ICM". Ground crew are reworked "Italeri" NATO Pilots and Ground Crew set.  Scratch-built are the pilot with the K-36DM seat, all under the canopy, wheel bays, landing gears,some pylons,R-73 and R-27 missiles, maintenance platforms and other airfield accessories (many thanks to the "Miniarm" company, who made copies of the missiles). The decals for the missiles, pylons and some for the plane are also print by me.

  I correct configuration and rescribe the whole model. To make it like a real i tested some unique methods: this aircraft have working instrument panel lights, cocpit lights, wingtip nav lights, tail light, also front gear manoeuvring light, landing light and traffic lights. Also example one exhaust nozzle consist of 96 really burnt metal blades and the first landing gear can turn right or left.

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I used "Testors" and "Humbrol" paints, weathering was done with drybrushing and an oil wash. The photos was taken with "Sony" DSC-F505 camera. For more different photos you can look at http://www.su33.pri.ee/
Tanel from Estonia

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Photos and text by Tanel Kask