1/48 F-16A RSAF Black Knights

by Leslie Choy


  Singapore National Day 2006 


This is a continuation from my last year's A-4  Skyhawk Black Knight. The two F 16As are from Hasegawa kit no. 09387 (Black Knight 5) and Italeri kit no.841 (Black Knight 6) both 1/48 scale. From the main photo, can see that I have has just completed spraying another A 4 (Black Knight 2), that will be next year.

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Both kits are build O.O.B. with Legends ACES II ejection seat. Added some side panels for the cockpit with 0.3mm plastic card and scratch build the throttles and arm rest. Thin wires for the main undercarriage hydraulic pipings. The decals for Black Knight 6 came from my second Hasegawa Black Knight kit. The Italeri kit part 20A panel lines (behind cockpit) do not match up during dry fitting and it was rescribed. I've also used the smoke generator pipe from the Hasegawa kit and have to reshape to fit it due to the closed Turkey Feathers for the Italeri kit.

Static discharge wicks were added to both models using thin copper wire.

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Photos and text by Leslie Choy