1/72 Chilean former and actual combat aircraft  

by Rodrigo Rejas V.


  Chile Independence Day 2006


In a way of saluting my lovely country on it's National Day, I make this particular article that includes some old aircraft such as the P-47D Thunderbolt, F-80C Shooting Star and the venerable Hawker Hunter MK.71 and some actual but not new A-37B Dragonfly and F-5E Tiger II.

The kits brand are: Academy (P-47D), Hasegawa (A-37B), Airfix (F-80C), Matchbox (Hawker Hunter), Testors (F-5E) and all of them in 1/72 scale. A friend of mine (Antonio Segovia, "shocman") made his contribution with his special brown scheme H.H.

All these aircraft served very well at different air bases around my country, between 1947 to the present time and will be remembered in our minds for many years to come.

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Most of these kits were made a long time ago, and some of them like the F-5E don't represent the actual shape in the Fach (Chilean Air Force) inventory. Besides, it represents the 80's look, like the A-37B.

In actual days, the Fach combat inventory included the F-5E "Tiger III", Mirage 50 "Pantera", Mirage M5 "Elkan", A-37B and OA-37 "Dragonfly", T/A-36 "Toqui" and the brand new F-16 C/D Block50 , our new vipers!  ;)

Well, I hope you enjoy these little kits as much as I do.

Regards from CHILE

Rodrigo, "BlackLight"      

Viva Chile!!!!

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Photos and text by Rodrigo Rejas V.