1/32 Kangnam F-5E Tiger II

by Juhwan Lee



This is F-5 in Republic of Korea.
This kit is made by Kangnam, but this kit is copy from Hasegawa.
Compared to the Hasegawa kit, the quality of the kit is really bad. So I had to carve the panel lins and rivets carefully by observing the real photo.
The kit is really different from a real flight. Especially, the rivets as both side could not be seen in the photo, so I had  trouble doing the rivets, but people around me helped me complete it. The ejection seat of the kit is from an F-5A, I remodeled the kit to F-5E. 

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The problem is markings to make it a Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF), but I got the decal from ‘Bangiman Production’ fortunately.
‘Bangiman Production’ produces decals of ROKAF, F-5A,F-5E, F/F-4C, E/RF-4C. They even produce decals for the Mig-21. They make 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 scales. I am really proud of this Korean decal brand.
I had no problem with the decals because the quality of decals is very good.  If someone needs decals of ROKAF, I can help.

This kit is really difficult to complete, so I had so many troubles as I tried to complete it. However, the feeling of achievement is so incredible after I got the job done.   


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Photos and text © by Juhwan Lee