1/48 Trumpeter Wellington

by Shawn Phantom Weiler



Something different for me. Its not grey, or a phantom. This is a commission build I did for someone and just finished. Its the 1/48 Trumpeter Wellington. I found it a mostly wonderful kit. Apart from the drop turret everything went together very well. Interior detail appears very nice. I have no idea if its correct compared to the real thing, however for this OOB build the interior is quite suitably busy.

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A few interior shots and the engine. Once the cowls are on you can see next to nothing of the great OBOE detail Trumpeter gives us. I found I needed very little putty, you just have to be VERY careful lining up the two fuselage halves and all the ribbing on the inside. 

I have heard of people destroying their models as unbuildable, I guess I was lucky. Especially since I do most of my building at 2 or 3 in the morning.

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Even SWMBO doesn't mind this model. "At least it's not grey" was her comment. Think that's as good as I'm going to get out of her. (Models are "NOT" her bag, baby).





Photos and text by Shawn Phantom Weiler