1/72 Revell Tornado

by Zafer Yilmaz



This is my 3rd submission on ARC.  Revell 1:72 Tornado tigermeet.  Actually the kit is almost perfect; pretty close to 'tamigawa' quality..Kit comes out without any fixing problems and many pieces, 2 HARMs and 2 side winders,ECR pods and 2 fuel tanks..

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The Only problem were decals..I don not know how hard Revell tried to make them so thin?  And I have to admit 116 pieces of decals for a 1:72 kit is too much! I used microsol-set but could not get a perfect result..

I really failed on fuel tanks and on rear of the plane.. :-(

Anyway, this was a great experience for a 'rookie' like me..I believe my next tiger will be much better..

Regards from Turkey..


Photos and text by Zafer Yilmaz