1/72 Revell Chinook HC3

by Tim Groombridge



Damn.  Maybe it's just me, but if anyone out there knows this kit, then I'm kinda hoping you'll know what I'm talking about!  This one was CHALLENGING!  Apparently my Brother Luke walked into a model shop in Plymouth and asked the guy behind the counter for some guidance in buying a Christmas present for his older Brother (that's me folks).  The guy asked how skilled I was and my Bro said "Yeah, he's really good", and before long, I was unwrapping this intimidating specimen!

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The instructions were weighty but necessarily thorough, given that the build requires extensive modifictaion of the HC2 airframe (incorporating those huge lower flanking fuselage parts, together with replacement of various other external features).  In truth, although carving away the redundant features cleanly was a challenge, this kit is excellent.  The kit was built from the box with stock decals and brush painted throughout.  I'm fairly pleased with the finish, but the brush painting is clearly evident in the nose area. I like to think it's a "what-if" subject; ie: what if the RAF storeman ran out of paintbrushes and instead used a flip-flop to paint it :-)

Anyways, I really enjoyed this one, and hope I did my Brothers gift due justice!

Cheers - 


Photos and text by Tim Groombridge