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1/144 Minicraft B-29 Enola Gay

by Kin Wong


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This is the first time for me to have one of my models featured on ARC.  This 1/144 B-29 Enola Gay is from Minicraft Model Kits. I assembled it out of box.

The first job I did was to re-scribe the panel lines; I used references for the panel line work from Famous Airplanes of The World No.52. It is the first time I fully re-scribe the panel lines & know not well.  Hope the second one--- Bocks Car will improve. 

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As you can see---the B-29 is ‘Flying’.  With information I learned from an article in FineScale Modeler, I tried adding mini motor into a 1/72 FW-190, 1/72 Me-110, 1/144 Me-109F.  So this time I tried a four engined bomber in small scale. Here is:

This kit comes simple & has a lot of mistakes: missed exhaust pipes on both sides of four engines;  missed radar dome under fuselage.  Fit was no problem. Compared with Fujimi’s  B-29, this kit has less details, but it's cheaper than Fujimi’s. The decals that came with the kit are very nice.  I like one sentence used on the Enola Gay: NO SMOKING WITHIN 100 FT.

Now that I've assembled a 1/72 B-29 Enola Gay…can you hear sound from four engines?


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Photos and text © by Kin Wong

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