1/72 Italeri RAAF CH-47A Chinook

by Phil Adams



The picture above is a fake. That really isn't a Chinook flying over my neighbours house, it's  a 1/72 Italieri model, built and motorised by me, and with the magic of computers made to look like it's flying. The basic idea came about after the Convertiplane Group Build, where I submitted a motorised Rotodyne. That led to a motorised 1/72 Gazelle which led to this. Aside from the original kit built to represent an RAAF 12 Sqn CH-47A, the addition of 2 mobile phone vibration motors and a 'AAA' battery under the rear pylon added a little extra realism. 

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The rotors are completely independant, adjustment to the planes of the rotor discs make sure that they do not come into contact. The excellent moudlings by Italeri ensure that the front rotors are 5mm lower than the rear. The motors were wired in parallel ensuring that they spin at the same speed, but with reversed polarity. The blades now rotate in the correct directions (Unlike my earler Rotodyne). Picture on the left above shows an early test on my modelling bench. The build really was quite simple, even including the modifications I've made, and it's already been displayed at both the UK and Scottish Nationals. 

Tests have proven that the AAA Batteries are not nearly man enough for hours of running, so I'll have to modify the battery box to accept an AA which should last much longer. Thanks to all those that provided pictures, especially of the RAAF Chinook Dispay Team, and to Ned Gilland for the original inspiration from his book "Dancing Rotors" 


Photos and text by Phil Adams