1/32 RevellAG/Hasegawa F-5E


by Jeff Brundt



Here's my F-5E done up in VFC-13 "Saints" colors.  Paint is PollyScale acrylics with the metal areas done in Alclad II.  Decals are from Twobobs and were graciously donated by Larry Hawkins.  The cockpit is the BB resin set and is outstanding in its detail (thanks to Gordon Kwan of Sprue Bros. Models for getting me one......probably the last one too, I think).  The BB cockpit is a definite improvement over the kit offering.  

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The ACMI pod is bashed from one of the kit AIM-9 bodies and the kit pitot tube.  The antennas are from music wire.  The plane's pitot was replaced with brass tubing.

This kit represents typical Hasegawa quality from the early 70's.  My kit was the RevellAG 'Swiss' boxing.  It was a fight from cutting the first sprue to the last drop of paint.  It wasn't an easy battle, and often times it got down right ugly, but I think I won. 

All I can say is if you build this monster, make sure you have plenty of putty and sandpaper because you're going to need it.


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Photos and text by Jeff Brundt