1/48 Monogram F-102A Delta Dagger

by Giannis Doxas



   Here are some pictures of my F-102A Delta Dagger in Hellenic Air Force duty.  I like building aircraft in 1/48 scale of H.A.F and this model is for my personal collection.  It is the old Monogram kit with very nicely detailed components.  The first job I did was to re-scribe all the panel lines.  I included many resin items such as a cockpit (Black box) and scratch-building for radar antenna and avionic bays.  Rudder and ailerons was cut and repositioned.

   I  painted the model in SEA camo, with Model Master colors: (medium Green, dark Green, dark Tan and light Grey) and finished it with extensive weathering.  Aluminum and Titanium colors was used to paint the fuselage near the exhaust.  The AIM-4 Falcon missile came from Hasagawa's weapons set.

Decals set was from Icarus Decals, representing an F-102A in H.A.F service during 1978.

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It was a great build and a challenge.  All you need for this construction is patience and a lot of free time!

This model was the winner of 1/48 scale modern aircraft category and awarded as the best Hellenic Model in 24th Scale Model Show, IPMS Hellas in 2005.  

I hope you enjoy my model.

Happy modeling!


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Photos and text by Giannis Doxas