1/48 Academy Su-33

 + Moskit anti-ship missile

by Marko Skukan



Hello, This is my Academy Su-27 FlankerB converted to the Su-27K also known as the Su-33.  To convert this kit into the Su-33 I used a Sol conversion set and may scratchbuild parts.  Aftermarket items I  used, beside Sol conversion set is the K-36 seat from Cutting Edge, Linden Hill stencil decals and Aires Exhaust.

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A lot of fitting and filling was required for this build because, although the set itself is very good, there is no easy or simple way to convert an Su-27 to a Su-33.  I've included one picture of the complete Sol details set to see show what are differences are between the Su-27 and the Su-33 and the differences are huge.

As the Su-33 is capable of carrying huge anti ship missile, Kh-41 "Moskit", I wanted to make that for my model.  It is completely scratchbuilt from two fuel tanks from an F-15, epoxy putty and styrene.  Just a few words about the missile.
Kh-41 "moskit" anti ship missile (SS-N-22 Sunburn) is the fastest anti-ship missile in the world.  Top speed is Mach 3. The target ship has only arround 30 seconds to deploy counter measures, Range is 250 km, warhead is 320 kg or 200kt nuclear device.  It has almost 10 meters in length.

About the colors on my Su-33.  The Su-33 has different colors than the Su-27 and the situation here is very difficult for us modellers here.  There is no universal pattern a modeller can stick to, so a photograph of a particular plane one is trying to build is a must.  There are some with all three blue colors and there are some with two blue and one grey.

Please if there are any questions please feel free to contact me.

Regards from Croatia,


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Photos and text by Marko Skukan