1/32 Revell P-47 Thunderbolt

by  Thanos Mentzelopoulos



One of my favourite WWII models is this 1/32 P-47 by Revell, because of its extraordinary paint scheme. The overall detail is satisfactory enough, especially in the cockpit (marvellous) and the engine compartment. The only complaint should be about the raised panel lines, but all those raised rivets just make you love it!  Since I'm not a fan of aftermaket products of any kind (save photo-etched rails and rigging on my ships!) I - once again - improved the model myself! 

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Aspects of the improved cockpit. 

That is I used scrap and other parts from my spares box, copper and solder wire and plasticard in the cockpit, the engine compartment and the u/c wells. The star decals are straight from the box but all the black'n'white stripes are hand painted. The model was spayed exclusively with Tamiya and Gunze acrylic colours over an aluminium undercoat (always helps with the chipping and wearthering), except from the cockpit and engine areas which were painted with Humbrol enamels with a brush.


Port photo of the P-47.  Below you can see aspects of the engine and the u/c wells. Take a close look at the weathering of the model!

Enjoy your next build!!!


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Photos and text by Thanos Mentzelopoulos