Scratchbuilt 1/72 FMX-4 Facetmobile -1993

by Gabriel Stern



In 1993 a very strange –or familiar, if you think about it- sight in the sky puzzled more than one casual cloud-gazer.
The FMX-4 Facetmobile was a homebuilt aircraft created by Barnaby Wainfan, and its looks, as hinted before, resemble…a flying crushed cardboard box?...a misassembled tent, blown off by the wind?...or…yes, you got it. But this one reputedly flew before the other one was unveiled to the public.

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In any case a difficult shape to forget, the Facetmobile was a temptation that posed as an innocent would-be model. Little I knew.
The images will tell you how I made it, but fortunately no voice recording was performed during the process. Suffice to say that I had more than one accident with the superglue, because -given the fact that the body was build with two shells of clear plastic- the use of normal styrene glue didn’t cause the desired effects.

After –seemingly- months of merciless bouts, the model emerged; not perfect, but perhaps good enough to raise more than one pair of brows.
Hey, the original flew, and very well!


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Photos and text © by Gabriel Stern