Remodeling the 1/144 Trading toys

Part 2

by Roberto Masukawa




After the introduction of "trading toys world " made by my friend Martin Kaye.  I wanted show how these "toys" can be used in modeling world.

First I choose the 1/144 Me-262 A from the Bandai Wing Club series, I know that Eduard has recently announced their nice 1/144 kits, but before this announcement, Bandai toy was the best Me-262 avaliable in the market (the other was the old Revell and Crown kits found selling for high prices in E-bay auctions).

I started by trying toremove the paint (Bandai Wing club paint is very hard to remove, I tried rubbing alcohol (didnīt work), Acetone (nail polish careful......this removes the paint but melts the plastic), Brake fluid (didnīt worked) I decided sand the paint and get a uniform surface. 

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I made some scratch Epoxi (2compound) guns, add some scratch cockpit details and engines, dropped the flaps and changed the canopy with a "heat and smash " acetate canopy.

 I used Mr.surfacer as primer and Gunze Acrilics paints and some after market decals (MYK decals) .


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Photos and text Đ by Roberto Masukawa