Remodeling 1/144 Trading Toys   Part 4

by Roberto Masukawa



The last of my Me-262 series is the Mistel.

 In this case I didnīt used the Bandai Wing club toy, I used 2 Takara Famous Airplanes from World toys , you can note the different plastic and canopy (I used the original canopy).  The Takara toy uses a diferent paint and is very easy to remove.......just dip in a bottle with Rubbing alcohol and the paint starts melting and can be removed by scrubbing with a old cotton t-shirt.  The plastic is softer than the Bandai one and the surface detail is nice, but it does have some fit issues (in canopy area, I discovered later).

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In this Mistel I made a scratchbuilt troley,  rocket unit, and used decals found at 


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Photos and text Đ by Roberto Masukawa