1/72 PM Model Hawker Sea Fury T-20

by Oliver Weston



Hello readers,
In my quest to find something different I came across this little kit by PM Models (Pioneer2) which I thought a few of you may be interested in seeing.  A two seat conversion trainer (T-20) based on a Hawker Sea Fury.  Originally ordered by the Iraq Air Force at the time (who bought two incidentally), then taken up by the Royal Navy who ended up being the largest customer by far ordering a total of 60 airframes (one of which my kit depicts). The T-20 is basically the same as a Fury but for the addition of a second cockpit (for the instructor) behind the trainee pilots seat.  The instructor keeping an eye on his pupils performance via a roof mounted periscope trained on the reflector gunsight in the forward cockpit. The other differences are the deletion of two cannon and the arrestor hook, both of which I failed to omit when building this kit, DOH!

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History over, this was a most pleasant kit to assemble with no major problems or strife (built straight out of the box).  The only strange omission I found was the roundels on the decal sheet, that go on the upper and lower surfaces of the wings.  When they were removed from the backing, the part that should have contained the white portion was clear? The fuselage ones were fine though? Answers on a postcard please! Hope you have enjoyed looking, as ever I enjoyed building.



Photos and text by Oliver Weston