1/48 Italeri ACH-47 Chinook Gunship

by Charles Johnson



After months of trying to find the ACH-47 Gunship, I final got hold of one and the kit is very well done apart from the few points listed in this article.

First starting work on the interior the main colours for the cargo and flight deck are correct.  For the grey, I used Ghost Grey (375) and Green Zincromate.  The bulk head behind pilots seats is Grey and not Olive Drab as suggested on the instructions.  After painting the areas as in the photos, I then worked on the flight deck.  I removed the locating pins from the bottom of pilots seat supports and filled in the holes on the flight deck.  If the seats are fitted the way the instructions suggest, it sets the seats at the wrong angle, but removed the locating pins from the seats permits you to position the seats at the correct angle.  Also, the pilot seats are in the wrong order the left hand one should go on the right and vise versa for the one on the left as the top of the armour plate should be on the outside.  Also armour plate is only fitted to the left hand side outside the helo not on the right.

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The main cargo floor and walls fit together very nicely with no problems.  When putting the gun mounts in, they are too wide, they need to be sanded down to half  the size that they are and then fitted.

Rear cargo ram has the insert cut out and filled with plastic card as the tail gunner stayed in that position for comfort.

On the main body, the instructions show two mounts on either side if the crankshaft housing front these were only used for experimental purpose and the only one chinook went to Vietnam with these fitted, but were soon removed once in country.

Blades were dropped by just bending by hand sprayed with Flo Quil engine Black.

Painting the model was very easy and clean after masking it all off it was sprayed with Testors Olive Drab once dried a coat of Model Masters Dull Coat once this was dried a coat of Model Masters Gloss  spray for decal application.

Decals go on very nice one point the Walk ways are in grey.  In actual fact they should have been  Black all over the helo.

Once decals dried using Solovset Model again was sprayed with Dull Coat to tone it down again.

One last point, the locating pins for most of the model need to be enlarged as they are to small for parts to fit into.  Also very little filler used

I think Italeri done a superb job on this helicopter and I would highly recommend this kit to any one well worth the money and the time and effort building it. Its a joy

My special Thanks go out to Frank White and Jim  Ketcham.  GUNS A GOGO.  For there kind help and suggestions on putting me right in making this kit.


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Photos and text by Charles Johnson