V Bombers Pt 1

1/72 MACH 2 Vickers Valiant

  by Leslie Choy



I'm building a set of V Bombers for a friend and are all Out-of-box build.  This example XD 818 dropped UK's first H bomb.  The instruction sheet is an A4 size sheet with one side assembly instruction without any reference number to the parts and the other side is the decaling & painting instruction.

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Dry fitting reviewed that the left fuselage length about 2mm longer with the fuselage warp of some 5mm.  The wings and air intakes need plenty of attention. The moulding of the ejection seat did not came out right for my example, I replaced it with Academy Hunter kit's 1/48 ejection seat.  I've also hollowed out both  fuselage side windows and replace them with a clear plastic as the kit supplied only one window and looked far too thick.  The cockpit canopy looked a little opaque and was dipped into FUTURE  floor wax to improve its clarity.  A massive nose weight of about 80g, placed just above the nose undercarriage well, was required to counter balance the weight of the tail section.

The model was painted Gunze white depicting anti-flash white.  Decals reacted well with decaling solution and sealed everything with FUTURE floor wax.

This kit required plenty of filling and sanding.  One has to study the instructions and the parts closely as there may be a chance of missing out one part during assembly.


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Photos and text by Leslie Choy