1/48 Revell A7E Corsair II

 by Peter Athanasopoulos



Greetings from Beautiful Greece.

My name is Peter Athanasopoulos and Iím posting the1/48 Revell A7E Corsair II.  


The kit consists from 160 pieces. The detail is excellent in correct dimensions. Fitis excellent as well.  The cockpit area includes almost everything, and pilotís SJU-8 ejection seat is a masterpiece of detail.  The landing system is very well designed.  For the armament, the kit includes a pair of AIM-9G, Fuel external tanks, FLIR, and MER.   

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This particular aircraft is an A-7 E of HAF.  The construction began with the cockpit.  For the interior colour, I used Humbrol 126 grey. The instrument panel and side panels are painted with Matt Black.  A few scratch built improvements were added on Stencel ejection seat. The pilots headrest and seat cushion is painted with Olive Drab. Everything in cockpit area was dry brushed with Light Grey. Zinc chromate yellow is used for the inside areas of electronics panels. For the camo I used 118tan ,28grey, 102green and 116dark green, sprayed with badger 150. The HAF decals are from a Greek model supplier shop. 

For the exterior armament I chose a pair of AIM-9P (from my spares box), 12 bombs Mk82 and 6 Mk20 Rockeye.      



A-7 E CORSAIR II, were received in 1992 Ė 1992 from US navy force recoverable reserves, after their withdrawals of type in 1991. 

E- version is the ultimate type of an amazing aircraft. Its armed with the latest electronics systems included the famous NWDS (Navigational and Weapons Delivery System,) and LANA type of FLIR pod witch allows the aircraft to fly at night with the accuracy of a day flight. 

The A-7 serve the 335 (tiger) and the 336 (olympus) squadrons.  


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Photos and text © by Peter Athanasopoulos