Ops Kota Gubir

Malaysia 50th Merdeka day update

by CK Loo, CK Tang, Aidy Abdullah, Hilmi, Brian Param, Thomas Ng


  Malaysia National Day 2007 



“On April 16, 1976, Tebuan CL-41G from No. 6 Squadron and F-5E from No. 12 squadron had participated in Ops Kota Gubir operation. The Malaysian Army had identified a few Communist Terrorist (CT) camps at the Malaysia/Thai border near Gubir in Kedah.  Army battalions surrounded the area while the RMAF was called to conduct air strikes. This was one of the biggest operations that RMAF had been involved in.  Half of our Tebuan CL-41G 'day fighter ground attack' aircraft were equipped with mini-guns and rockets, while another half of the fleet was with 500 lb bombs. Allouette was also flown as the Forward Air Controller (FAC) to direct the strike aircraft to the targets……..” ---Major Zakaria Salleh

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This diorama was based loosely on Major Zakaria Salleh encounter during the Ops Kota Gubir, the strike on Communists camp during Emergency period. This is a collaboration work of members of our local modeling society SFTPMS for our 50th Merdeka Group Build.

The kits used are all in 1/72 scale that consists of 2 MHM’s F-5Es, 2 Kittech’s Tebuans and some Itelari figures. The diorama base and huts were sketch build.

The guys working on this are:

  • Brian Param – Tebuan FM 1126
  • Hilmi – Tebuan FM 1129, Figures
  • Aidy Abdullah – F-5E FM 2209
  • Thomas Ng – F-5E FM 2205
  • Ck Loo – Diorama
  • CK Tang – Huts  

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Photos and text © by CK Loo, CK Tang, Aidy, Helmi, Brian, Thomas