1/48 Monogram F-5E

Fuerza Aerea Mexicana

by Mario Alberto Fernandez


  Mexico Independence Day 2007 


Being Mexican, I HAD to build a FAM F-5 some day, but I hadn't had the chance. Then, I got this kit for the 2005 F-5's in 05 Group Build.  This particular boxing was a Lodela Rebox of the Monogram kit, that included an Aztec conversion set for the Seat, the LERX and Duck nose.  Decals were in the boxing too. I added the Shark fin out of styrene sheet.

This is the second kit I rescribe completely (remind me not to again), although I think I did a pretty decent job, I didn't actually enjoy it...

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Since Mexico has always been regarded as a Pacifist country.  For this very reason, I left my bird without ordinance.  I also think it looks cooler like that.

Painting was done with MM Enamels.  Sand color is Spray can, the medium green is decanted into an airbrush, and the dark green is airbrushed.

After assembly, everything else went pretty smoothly.  Decals were awesome, try them.

Thanks for checking it out, hope you liked it as much as I have.

Take Care!!


Photos and text by Mario Fernandez