1/72 Hasegawa T-33

Bolivian Air Force FAB

by Miguel Angel Salcedo


  Bolivia National Day 2007 


Editors note:  This article was intended for Bolivia's National Day on Aug 6 2007.  My apologies to Miguel for missing this article on that special day.  Steve B 
This is my first submission to ARC and I hope you like it.  August the 6th is Bolivia's National Day. 
This is the old Hasegawa Kit.  I didn't change the panel lines (too much work ) I just added some details inside the cockpit.
I tried to match the colours with the real pictures because I could not get much information about this airplane.  But I found some really good pictures on the net (just few but good).  About the decals, please forgive me,  they are not from any sheet, but from 4 or 5.  I cut and put them together and tried to match the picture.  At that time I could not find a better solution.

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I was really happy building this model because it is from my country, but I had a hard time finding information and decals.
This T-33 are based in "El Alto" at more than 4000mt high and are still in service.  All I can say they look cute compared to the Chilean's F-16s or the Peruvian's Mig-29s.
Now I got the Aztec decal sheet for South-American's T-33, a Heller 1/72 T-33 , and resin seats and I hope to start with that project soon (not likely, but we always hope don't we?)


Photos and text by Miguel Angel Salcedo