1/48 Tamiya Wildcat - Lt Jim Swett

by QC Tan



Hi Folks,

The only goal I had was to build a 'simple' plane that is 'good enough' for Tamiya competition this year (held in August here in Singapore)....By 'good enough' I mean just better grading than the 1st time I took part last year.

So...here is my entry and it is delicated to Wildcat fans....not sure if I got all the detail and research done correctly.  Decals are from Cutting Edge based on Lt Jim Swett, F4F-4, BuNo 12094, VMF-221 Guadalcanal.

Click on images below to see larger images



The In Progress Build (with the various trick that i used )can be found at: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=129712&hl=wildcat

Oh yes...It was good enough for the competition (picture below)!

Hope you enjoy it.


Photos and text by QC Tan