1/48 Monogram F-106 Delta Dart

by Niels Dol



It's Been a few months since I have posted something, and it was about time for me.  :-)  I completed this model a few months ago, overall it took me about  2 years to complete the dart, mostly because I have put it aside several times.

I screwed up the whole bomb bay, I don't know how and why, so it's closed.  Also the paint job took me some time, I think this was the first and also last time I hand-paint Xtracolour paints, I'm not that kind of a airbrush-hero (jet) that's why I hand-painted it.

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After all the troubles I finally completed this one with Aeromaster 48-759. "before and after".  This is the last F-106 that served in the USAF as a interceptor.

It hasn't been the best model I've built, but it's a lovely one in my opinion, and like some people say, its a 2 foot plane, the overall look is okay, and that works for me.  

I hope you guys enjoy it, and feel free to leave some feedback.


Lelystad, The Netherlands 2007


Photos and text by Niels Dol