1/48 MiniHobby Models Su-35

by Thanos Mentzelopoulos


  Greece National Day 2007 


Hello from Greece again!  This is my latest build!  It is about a Su-27 which I decided that it wanted to be something more than a "simple" Su-27.  So, it was selected, among others, to be the testbed for the Su-35/37 series.  What you see here is the prototype Su-35.  That's why there are canards, but the nose undercarriage leg still has one wheel!  The second one was added later, due to the additional weight of the canards.  As you can see, the camo scheme looks like a four-colour one, but it is actually a three-colour scheme with some dark blue patches which make it seem like there is one colour more!  I really like this particular scheme; after all, it was this camo scheme that inspired the whole build! 

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The kit was a gift.  This means that if I had to buy one, I would rather buy the Academy kit.  The MiniHobby Models kit is not that bad, though, but still has some major flaws, regarding both the quality and the quantity of the detail offered.  A lot of filler was used in nearly every joint! That also means a lot of sanding, refilling the gaps, resanding etc.  The whole build took me about four months to complete.  No aftermarket sets were used - as always - and everything you see in the cockpit area is mainly scratchbuilt.  The decals were excellent.  They come from Begemot and were ordered at Hannant's, UK.  The model was exclusively airbrushed with Gunze acrylics, whereas the cockpit and the wheels areas were brush painted with Humbrol enamels.  The metallic areas were airbrushed with several tones of Model Masters enamels. 

Keep on modelling!!!!!


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Photos and text by Thanos Mentzelopoulos