1/48 Revellogram F-102 Delta Daggers

by Ian Matthews (imatt88)



Hey Gang, this is my first article for ARC.  These are the Revellogram F-102 kits that I built for the Century Series Group Build.  I've always liked the colorful markings of post WWII US Air Force jets.  The Cold War seemed to spawn some pretty cool markings.  Both of these kits are built OOB, with the exception of the 526th bird, which uses Superscale decals.  The 496th Duece uses the kit decals.  Both builds were pretty straight forward with only a few hang-ups along the way.  The SuperScale decals were thin, and I had some trouble with placement, as they wanted to stick immediately.  I've also been experimenting with penciling  panel lines.  I like that slightly weathered look with a semi-gloss finish instead of having the kit look like a toy.  Its been trial and error but I'm getting the hang of it. 

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I've always liked the Century Series jets because of the cutting edge technology of the time, and also the mistique of flying one of those colorful birds over Europe.


 I hope you enjoy the pics.  I hope to have another article soon,



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Photos and text by Ian Matthews