by Tigre del Aire



Greetings from Colombia, The event CREARTE is organized by a prestigious bookshop and papers of the city of so called PANAMERICANA in Bogota, this event does 3 times to itself in the year and models show themselves in the branches of these papers, later the sample of the branch where I exhibited my models.

This year we had the opportunity to be present again at a chat of the Doctor Orlando Rueda MD, which is the most renowned modelista of Colombia, of equal form, were invited to a delicious typical Colombian luncheon, We ate a delicious "ajiaco santafereño".

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The level of the participating modellers was excellent, of equal form, on having finished the event it granted a diploma of participation to each of the modellers and there was done the raffle of a few interchangeable bonds by products of the bookshop.

Thanks to PANAMERICANA and all the participating modellers for allowing me to publish photographs of their models.
Saludos desde Colombia, la tierra de Juan Valdez!
Regards from Colombia, the land of Juan Valdez

Tigre del Aire

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