1/72 Italeri Junkers Ju-86

by Damir Stanzer


  Czech National Day 2007 


The Junkers Ju-86C-1 W.Nr.0974 (ex Lufthansa D-ASOE "Hesselberg") was found at Prague-Ruzyne airport at the end of WWII and incorporated into the Czechoslovak Air Transport Regiment.  The original German markings were overpainted with a lighter shade of gray and Czechoslovak cocardes in the usual six positions (but wrongly oriented) were applied.

The Italeri model of the civilian Ju-86 (kit No 029) is titled just "Ju-86", and it is not exactly C-1 version.  The horizontal rudder depicts B and Z version (it should be divided into two halves for C version) but I didn't make any changes there.  To make the model more similar to the Czechoslovak W.Nr.0974, I closed the rear part of the transparent cockpit canopy with overall gray color (Humbrol 64).  The other minor changes to the original kit were the addition of some details to cockpit and making the shape of wheels more realistic.  The Czechoslovak cocardes are hand-made (disc thirds made of excellent Propagteam white decal paper, painted separately and applied together to the model).

Thanks to Miroslav Tebich and other people from Czech Republic for providing me with pictures and other useful information.


Photos and text by Damir Stanzer