1/48 Grand- Phoenix McDonnell 

F3H Demon

by Vladimir Nazarov aka Nazar



   Demon - in ancient Greek mythology - a supernatural essence, a deity, spirit which can possess both positive, and negative qualities. 

   My experience with building of this rather interesting model of this interesting plane has ended and today I present to you my finally completed model.

   My acquaintance with this plane began at the end of the1980's when I saw its photo at one of VMA stands.  At the end of the 1990's I found out about the existence a model in 1/48 scale and at last in 2004, with Sergey Arkchakov's help, I became the owner of this model.

   On the internet and in printed editions, this plane is not very common, basically because of its short service life, but nevertheless thanks to Howard Mason and Don Hinton on the Internet are some little remarkable walkarounds of this machine.

   Armed with the given material, I started construction of my model a brief story can be found on this forum.

   Work did not involve special difficulties although all elements of the plane have been modified to some degree.

   Work included the following areas; rescribing the fuselage panel lines, air inlets, a tail beam, a lantern, refuelling probe and its fastening were modified.    

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   In the top side of the wings I made the air brakes and posed them slightly open.  I also posed some of the main wing flying surfaces in a slightly lowered position.  The place of a joint with a fuselage, is executed with the help of a foil, according to the original.

   The cockpit is built from scratch, with excellent results.  I decided to pose the canopy in the open position, to show off the highly detailed ejection seat.  


   Also to completion the stabilizer has undergone. The main weak point of this model, in my opinion, is full absence of a weapons load, so I studied photos and added missiles from a Hasegawa weapons set.

   At last I ready ready for painting and first I wiped down the model with white spirit, and then applied a base coat of automotive silver paint, painted with the help Tamiya and Modelmaster acryle.  Weathering was done with water color and a pastel.  The decals were applied without complexities, over a coat of Future, before sealing them in with dull coat.  Finally I put on the  wheels and carefully moved it to my display shelf.

Yours faithfully 


Saint Petersburg 2007

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Photos and text by Vladimir Nazarov aka Nazar