1/48 Tamiya F-84G Thunderjet

by Leslie Choy



I've added Cutting Edge F-84 E/G Early Ejection Seat (CEC 48151), Cutting Edge Decal CEC 48107 which I've chosen " RICEPADDY RANGER" of 8th FBS and Aires F-84G Gunbay (4084) to this kit.  A few rounds of the 0.5 cal (Teknics TK48061 .5 cal ammo belt) into the breech of the guns for some added effects.

Ejection seat oxygen & anti-g hoses together with wiring under the canopy hood using various sizes of fuse wires.

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For the finishing, I use kitchen aluminum foil with Micro Metal Foil Adhesive.  Using an article in (Published by FineScale Modeler) Modeler's Guide To Realistic Painting & Finishing of this subject as guide.  I stuck the pieces of aluminium foil panel by panel.  One large foil over the surface when I can, however this process may wrinkle the foil easily if not too careful but I'm able to cover a larger area faster. The most challenging portion is the wing fillet and the tip tanks. Kitchen foil is not so malleable, it rips easily at sharp corners or when is overstretched over odd surface shapes.

The fit of the kit parts was good, I can afford to foil the wings, tip tanks and the horizontal stabiliser separately.

I did not use Cutting Edge's tail fin yellow/black stripe decal, these colours were sprayed on using masking.  A note of caution here, as using masking tape can lift off  the aluminium panels, extreme care must be exercised.  Gunze OD was used for anti-glare panel and areas behind the cockpit.  I gloss coated the model with Future for decalling, the kit's aircraft stencils was used.  After a final coat of Future to seal the decal, Humbrol Dull coat was apply on some areas. 

Some light sanding on the tail fin and OD surfaces to depict some surface chip off which the effect came out very realistic.

I mounted this project on Eduard's Perforated Steel Plates Model Display Base and added some wires to the aircraft boarding ladder.  I entered this project at the local Tamiya con '07 held back in August and got the grand winner in the aircraft category and also best of show.


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Photos and text by Leslie Choy