1/350 Tamiya USS Enterprise

by Paolo Yuen


Silly Week 2008


The models has used Gold Medal P.E. set, decal and extra railing, LionRoar Railing for ship kits.

Most of the air wings were replaced in Trumpeter sets except the EA-6B, SH-3H & F/A-18A! All of them used White Ensign P.E. set and Gold Medal decal.

The main conversion is building the hanger I used....a fast method, make the wall and floor first, then using some square Patten and blue sticker for wall detail.  The floor is 600# sand paper and the ceiling uses some rivet Patten plastic sheet, then the hanger was finished.  The CIWS is based also built using plastic card, and I had to copy it, next time I will do it in resin!!

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The safety set had added plastic rod to detail the grid.

Note that the first time the Tomcat was parked in a triangle shape in the end of ship, more Viking parked in elevator 1, after the Hong Kong Opening Model Competition, they told me the tomcat canít town out!  Then I deleted some of it and made more space for elevator 1 to let the Tomcat go to cat 1.


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Photos and text © by Paolo Yuen