Arado 327

by Pablo Angel Herrera


Silly Week 2008


The war took more time than expected.  Realizing that, Germany made use of all kind of weapons against the Eastern Front and managed to get their forces to the Urals, thus getting their hands on the Russian factories and oil fields forcing them to surrender.  To this point, aviation has changed some since the beginning of the war.  Both bands have developed new airframes to countermeasure its opponent.  At one moment some aircraft were developed and thatīs how the Ar-327 came into production, this was the new top-of-the-line heavy fighter which could be used also as a ground attack platform.  It was very similar to some Russian drawings discovered in the Sukhoi factory but with mods.  This aircraft took a significant role in the German air superiority counter attack to take Russia.  This model depicts an aircraft flown by the II.Zg/1 during the Ural campaign, enclosed is a picture of the real aircraft.

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To create this aircraft I used the 1/72 Tzukuda Su-27 OOB.  This can also be obtained with the Kangnam Su-27 which are reboxings of the old Revell-Monogram kit.  It has recessed panel lines and fits ok

I painted it in the RLM 81-82-76 scheme with RLM02 stripes on top.  If for any reason youīd like to build a real Su-27, pick the Italeri and Airfix kits, they are more accurate and come with the right shape.


I bought this kit 13 years ago and since itīs so inaccurate I was thinking what to do with it? Well, have some fun!


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Photos and text Đ by Pablo Angel Herrera