1/48 Monogram F-8 Crusader

VMF (AW) 312 Checkerboards

by Nissim Tzukduian



The model is based on the Monogram model. The cockpit is from FM and includes resin and PE parts. Scratch build parts include: scribed panel lines, wheels bay details, wing fold details, air intake cover, ailerons, Zuni rockets and launchers and "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" strips.

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The tarmac was created via Photoshop, printed and coated with several acrylic clear matt coats. The lower fuselage was painted with Tamiya acrylic paint and the upper fuselage with Humbrol enamel paint. 

Weathering includes a dry brush light gray over the upper fuselage area, pastel and carbon chalks for "dirt" and "oil" and panel lines darkened with water and pastel chalks mixture.
Decals are from Cutting Edge and stencils are from old decal sets.

Hope you like it,

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Photos and text by Nissim Tzukduian