1/48 Accurate Miniatures P-39Q Cobra II

by Mark Andrews



This is the re-boxed Eduard kit issued by Accurate Miniatures as the first in a series of air racer kits. Unfortunately, the kit is a combat ready P-39Q out of the box.  The only addition AM made was the inclusion of the resin belly scoop. The rest is up to the modeler to make an accurate representation of the Cobra II aircraft.  All of the flight control surfaces had to be sanded down smooth to eliminate the fabric texture and fixed trim tabs must be added with thin strip stock. The pitot tube was mounted on the spinner in place of the cannon.  The pitot tube is made from brass rod and tube.  A new spinner tip was formed around the tube with epoxy putty.  Tex Johnston's aircraft had four aft fuselage stiffeners added after there was a catastrophic failure of Jack Wollam's plane.  These were also added with thin stip stock.  There are three sets of prop blades included with the kit, which all are wrong.  A sanding stick was then used to square off the blades into their correct shape.  Resin wheels from True Details were then added to sharpen the look.  Painting was slow due to the color needed. It took six coats of thinned Testors Model Master Acryl Chrome Yellow to achieve the effect.  The flight controls were painted Semi-Gloss Black.  Panel lines were enhanced with The Detailer black wash.  The kit decals were good but missing the tulip petal detail around the nose.  Red Pegasus Decals make a set for this aircraft, they include the tulip petal detail.  The final clear coat of Future Floor Polish finished the kit.

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There is a ton of lead shotgun pellets in the nose of this model to prevent a tail sitter!

Overall this is a fantastic kit with great detail.  But I am a bit disappointed that Accurate Miniatures did not do any extra research on this plane and make the changes.  I have always been a big fan of the racing planes and I am eagerly waiting for their next release of the Super Corsair.  I hope you have enjoyed the model and article.
Mark  - ipms33206

Photos and text by Mark Andrews