1/48 Suchoi Su-22M4 "Fitter"

by Rafi Ben-Shahar



Kopro's Su-22M4 attracted my attention thanks to various net postings, some of which are here, on ARC.  Having been warned from the crude nature of the kit's mould, I decided not to incorporate any aftermarket accessories and instead concentrate on the paint work.  I chose the Czech Air Force scheme because it resembles the Luftwaffe WWII patterns that I adore.  I omitted the chaff and flare dispensers and was not tempted to leave the air brakes in the open position, in order to preserve the characteristics of this formidable fighter bomber.  In all, a challenging kit that is well worth the building effort. 

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I am thinning my model collection and if you are interested in purchasing this or other models of mine, please, let me know.


Photos and text by Rafi Ben-Shahar