1/72 Revell/Esci F-5B

FAB (Brazilian Air Force)

by Guilherme Kosciuv



So the F-5B entered service with the FAB  in 1975 to serve as a trainer for the F-5Es of 1 GAvCa in Santa Cruz AB. This specific aircraft was flown by the Brazilian F1 pilot Ayrton Senna and in his honor his name was painted on the fuselage.

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The kit is the old Revell/Esci in 1/72 scale, a very good kit with fine details and accurate, I just added the True Details resin seats and little details such as ejection handles, hydraulics and the VHF antennae.

To paint the vietna camouflage I used automotive paints for models of pterocolors (produced here in Brazil), the decals are RAF decals of Mr Rafael.

I finished it with a matt coat and the weathering was done with pastels and a wash of oil paint.

In memory of Ayrton Senna.


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Photos and text by Guilherme Kosciuv