1/48 Eduard Fw-190-8

by Alan Williamson



Kit: Eduard 1/48 Focke-Wulf Fw 190-A8 8173 


I Came across this great kit when I was checking out the Eduard site one night.  After viewing the finished kit on the site I knew I had to have one.  I sent Craig at Aerowroks an E-mail the same night and put an order in for this kit.  When the kit arrived I inspected the sprues, which contained many little fiddly bits. The Kit contains two fuselage halves, upper wings, two propellers, wheels engine cowlings and canopies for construction of two different types of Fw-190.  Eduard has included the BMW801D piston engine as well as machine gun and cannon bays to be positioned open or closed, also included in the kit are two different cockpit control panel with the choice of plastic or PE.  The amount of detail on this kit is excellent and there in no need for addition parts to enhance the kit... well maybe the engine but not much.  I did however find the construction of the kit a little tricky because of the fiddly parts, cockpit, 13mm machine guns, engine, exhaust and engine bay where Eduard has supplied lots of little parts to make the model a little more realistic.  Not as hard as working with a resin detail set though, the rest of the kit went together really well, the only problem as I started the kit was which type of Fw-190 was I going to build? I looked through the great colour Instruction book that Eduard has supplied with the kit for what option markings I wanted to build A,B,C and D. The decals of option A appealed to me which was an earlier version Fw-190.  Now I could continue with building the kit. The kit didn't required much putty with the construction everything seemed to fall into place one way or an other.  I had a little trouble with the engine cowling not lining up, I wanted to leave one side of the engine cowling open but doing this seemed to have an effect on the other two pieces of the engine cowling not lining up.  I found this to be the most frustrating part of the construction especially since the kit parts had been painted.  I had to use some putty in the end to fill a gap left in the closed side of the cowling, I later assumed that the cowling may have been out of alignment due to the 13mm machine bay which must have moved out of position after gluing. 

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Before painting I needed to get the appropriate colours, I sent Craig at Aeroworks an another E-mail to order the RML Model Master paints, the colours used were of cause Model Master RML76, 75 and RML83. The paint scheme didn't turn out exactly how it was supposed to, but it was close enough.  Once the colours were dry, I coated the entire kit in gloss paint ready for the decals.


I chose the decals that would represent Fw-190 flown by Walther Dahl commander of JG 300 Juterborg Air Base December 1944.  After the decals were applied I gave the kit another coat of clear, when the clear was dry I followed up with a pastel wash to highlight the panel lines, and finished of with a matt cote of clear.  All that was left was to add exhaust stains, I used the Tamiya weathering set  for the final wear and tear look with a light matt cote to seal them in.  It was time to finish adding the landing gear, propeller, drop tank and cockpit window, the Fw-190 was now finished.  I did however forget to place the two outer wing cannons on.  Overall great kit to build with great detail so much in fact I got Craig to order me the Eduard BF-110E 8203 which also looks great.


I threw together this quick diorama using a piece of scrap wooden board, plaster of Paris, some old wooden pegs for sleepers and fake grass.  The tank is the 1/48 Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf.l item No 32524 (series 24) which was a joy to build.  I'm not really into military ground forces, but it does make a change from planes, and Tamiya has finally released some great 1/48 scale military miniature items which I'm starting to collect.  The tank is made up to represent Hermann Goring Panzer Regiment 1942 Germany.  I brought the Tamiya German aircraft power supply unit and Kettenkraftrad item No 32533 (series 33) from Craig, which adds a nice touch to the model plane.  It comes with Kettenkraftrad, power supply trailer  2x 45 litre drums 2x figures and a tool box.  I also added the Tamiya German Infantry on manoeuvres Item No 32530 (series 30).  Lots of detail with all the fiddly bits that go together to make the German solders back packs etc, maybe to much detail, and the rest of the figures are from the ICM 1/48 German Luftwaffe pilots and ground personnel item 48082.  Maybe the diorama is a little over crowed but what the hay nothing is fixed down just throw a few things into the mix.


To Craig at Aerowork for getting me in the Eduard kit. Craig can be reached at aeroworks@iprimus.com.au for any quires.

To Steve Bamford


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Photos and text by Alan Williamson