1/32 Revell Fw-190 D-9

by Raśl Corral



Two years ago I finished this beautiful "Dora" from Revell straight out of the box.  All that I used was in the box... nothing extra had been added and the only "external" help I needed was Eduard masks for painting the white spiral.   The decals came from EagleCal (just because I wanted to do something different) but the decals provided by Revell in his "Dora" are superb and to be honest you would not really need to buy them elsewhere as they will let you build three different D-9's, all very nice. The level of detail is very good and if you take your time painting the cockpit carefully it will look like a aftermarket resin one from the...

I really enjoyed the construction and painting.  It was very cheap too, so every cent I spent on this model was worth it!

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You will see this airplane and much morein www.webmodelismo.com (my homemade website)!

Highly recommended!  This "Dora" in 1/32 is really price worth.  And if you use it as a platform for high detailed accessories it will look simply like the "real one"... don't wait anymore... buy it! (no worries, I do not get commission from Revell :-)



Photos and text © by Raśl Corral