1/72 Academy Consolidated PBY-5

by Juergen Klinglhuber



The model is from the Academy Kit No. 2123. I used the photo etched parts from EDUARD for detailing the plane - especially the cockpit and waist gunners compartment. It took me exactly one full year (per coincidence on the same day one year later). This is because I'm always building 2-4 other planes at the same time - and coupled with the normal struggles of a family father my "out-put" from the model hangar is a low one. 

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But anyhow - it was fun building it, the kit created no problems. All the (tiny) things I was messing with during building were caused by myself and not related to the kit quality. 

Meanwhile this "pretty" - no dirt and corrosion affected - aircraft adorns the showcase of a good friend of mine. I built a second Catalina with the same markings and paint scheme, but on this I used some weathering. I put it in rough sea on a diorama display - I will present it to you soon.

best regards



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Photos and text by Juergen Klinglhuber