1/72 Academy Consolidated PBY-5

by Juergen Klinglhuber



This is my Consolidated PBY-5 Diorama.  I used styrofoam as a base.  I painted it with various types of blue.  The water is made of transparent silicon  - the cheapest  available at the Home Depot.  White color for the wavecrests and as a finish a clear coat over the whole surface.  I had my problems with doing the photographs, because daylight and artificial light did not bring that stormy mood to the pictures which I wanted to express.  So finally I did the shooting outdoor a few minutes before and for a second time a few minutes after heavy rainfalls.  I like the result now - maybe a bit too dark and blue now, but....  

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The idea for this diorama was given by a modeller from the US.  Once I read an article somewhere on the internet.  This guy dedicated his PBY to this grandfather who served on a PBY in the Mediterranean theater during WWII.  At the same time I did some experiments to improve my techniques for modeling "water".  So the plan evolved to combine both, a great looking flying boat and the diorama-set with the water.

I hope you enjoy my pic's.  Greetings


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Photos and text by Juergen Klinglhuber