1/72 Heller F5-S, Italeri F5-T

and Airfix RF-5S

by Leslie Choy


  Singapore Independence Day 2008 


This project was built for a friend of mine. This build used three different brand of kits, F5-S is from Heller F5-E kit, F5-T is from F5-F Italeri kit and RF-5S is from RF-5E Airfix kit and all these are OOP.  There's some similarities between the Heller and Airfix kit with the latter kit having a recon nose.  I painted the cockpit's multi function display and dry brush other switches, I scratch built the antennae using 0.3mm plastic sheet, located behind the cockpit.  Apart from these, not many changes were made from the original kit. These 3 model resemble closely the current F5s in operation.

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All versions of RSAF F5s are represented here. Decals used are from SIAM decals.



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Photos and text by Leslie Choy