1/72 Revell Su-27 Flanker

by Patrick Vossenberg



Here is my 1/72 Revell (ex-Hasegawa) Su-27 Flanker. Construction is pretty straightforward and largely out of the box: the kit is well engineered, fits good and is nicely detailed, although it is known to be not 100% accurate in shape. I added a Pavla resin cockpit tub with seat (designed for the Italeri kit though, so some fitting/adjusting required to use it here), scratch-built a new instrument panel cover/HUD area to fit the Pavla cockpit and detailed the landing gears and wheel wells a bit to increase their realism. Canopy mirrors are from Airwaves, the HUD is from PP aeroparts.

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I experimented with the colours (largely ModelMaster enamels) until I got the finish I wanted and settled in the end for this combination: the lightest grey is MM 2131 straight from the bottle, the light blue/grey is a 50/50 mix between MM2131 and MM2126 and the dark blue/grey is a 50/50 mix between MM2126 and Revell 50 with a drop of MM2133. Decals come from the kit and are very good – and very extensive to say the least (lots of stencils and armament/pylon decals). I choose to build 'Red 14', stationed at Kilp-Yavr AB in Russia.

For weathering, I used a combination of pre-shading, some post-shading with Tamiya Smoke and highlighting of panel lines with thinned enamels. This was also my first attempt at removing the seam running across the length of a canopy, using the tricks as described in the “tools ‘n tips” section on ARC – much to my delight this turned out to be a very simple exercise with great results.

Hope you like the pictures!  

Regards from Belgium


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Photos and text © by Patrick Vossenberg