1/35 Accurate Armour Lynx AH.7

by Thomas Neuss



Lynx AH.7, 1/35 Accurate Armour 

As the 1/35 scale kit of the Lynx was available from Accurate Armour I had to get one for my showcase, even if it was the most expensive single kit I ever ordered.

Before doing so I had to decide, which version I wanted to build, because the Lynx is available in two versions, with normal or IRCM-exhaust. 

I wanted to build a helo from the 2003 – now period in Iraq from the British Army, so I had to buy the Gulf War variant (offered as a 1991 Gulf War helo).

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The kit has great overall details and was fun to build, but it should not be the first resin kit to start with. 

As I wanted to build the newer Lynx AH.7 I had to change some details of the Lynx.

The easiest part was to leave the TOW-launchers off, some more time was spent to add the “Disco Light”, Flare-Launchers, Machine Gun and the newer BERP rotor blades.

The parts where made from plastic sheet, some made as master with resin copies, where I needed more than one. 

Painting was with Gunze acryl colors, weathering with washings, pastel chalks and pigments, the helo should look worn. 

All in all it was a special project for me and due to the great kit it was fun and didn`t take as long as I feared. 

Hope you like it, 


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Photos and text © by Thomas Neuss