1/32 Revell/Monogram RF-4C 

Phantom II

by John McCormick



This is my most recent project, the 1/32 scale Revell/Monogram RF-4C Phantom II.  The kit has a few areas that needed to be addressed in order to enhance its accuracy, but all in all, it was a very enjoyable build. 

For aftermarket goodies, I started with the Verlinden RF-4C update set.  This was a real disappointment, and in my opinion, the only parts that are of any value are the sidewalls.  The photo etched parts for the missing cockpit sills are too narrow.  Consequently, I ended up scratch building sills using sheet plastic, then added some left over photo etched parts for the details on the inside sill edges.  Additionally, I used the Eduard F-4 MB MK 7 colored photo etch set for the ejection seats, and I highly recommend this set.  It made the job of adding the seat belts a lot easier!  The cockpit tub is much too deep, so I performed some surgery and raised the floor.  

Rather than buying aftermarket FOD covers for the air intakes, I bought a set of Seamless Sucker intakes.  These were somewhat tricky to fit correctly, and I had a heck of a time getting them installed properly.  In the future, I think I'll stick with FOD covers.

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I rescribed some of the panel lines that were missing, in particular the photoflash cartridge doors on both sides of the rear of the fuselage, as well as some missing lines on the vertical stabilizer.  The auxiliary intake doors were cut open and glued in the open position, and the brackets on the bottom of the inboard wing pylons were scratch built, as there were none included with the kit.  

The outboard trailing edge flaps were cut and repositioned in a slightly downward position, which is normal for parked Phantoms due to slowly decreasing hydraulic pressure.  The cameras did not include any lenses, so I added them using the clear seeker heads from some Maverick missiles I had left over from a Trumpeter A-10.  The ALQ-119 pod also came from the A-10 kit, as the shape of the pod included with the Phantom was too round at the front. 

The kit was painted with Model Master Enamels, and I used left over decals from various AirDoc, Icarus, and CAM sheets I had in my stash.  A black wash was applied to accentuate the panel lines, and everything was sealed with a cote of Testors DullCote.  I posted numerous "In Progress" photos on the forums which can be seen at the following link:  http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=146331

Thanks to all who offered their critique and encouragement!


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Photos and text by John McCormick