1/48 Academy CH-113A Labrador

by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler



This is a very modified Academy 1/48 KV-107 Helicopter. Using a Belcher Bits resin APU tail and decals I was able to modify it to a Canadian search and rescue CH-113A Labrador.

The Labrador was only retired from active Canadian service around 2004. Some 40 years since they began countless rescues across Canada. The Air force bought 6 of these helicopters for the entire stinking country. Later when the army bought Chinooks the remaining of the 12 bought for the army were modified to assist the search and rescue fleet.

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Many of the modifications come in the Academy box. They tend to be marked "Not for use".  After that it was a matter of scratch building. In photo 4 you can see the storage rack I created and of course the most important thing in a search and rescue mission.....The coffee maker!

Below I also included my recently finished 1963 style Voyager. 417 crashed early in service and never was modified to Labrador status. The mirror image of 11304 is 11303 in 1/72 scale. This model was built around 20 years back and has now been donated to the youngest daughter to paint pink.


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Photos and text by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler